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Official APK MULTI-TOOL Releases
(These release are stable recommended Builds)

APK Multi-Tool Windows Version 1.0.11  CHANGELOG


Main Download

Frameworks to use to install dependencies of your ROM you are working on -  Frameworks List

Main Download



Official APK Manager Releases
(These release are stable outdated Builds)


Apk_Manager_5.0.2 WindowsDownload

Apk_Manager_5.0 LINUXDownload


(These release are Unstable nightly test Builds not recommended for production Feel Free to test these builds to help move them the stable build faster)

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APK Multi-Tool Version 2.0 WIP Unreleased Link-Download

APK Multi-Tool Version 2.0 WIP Unreleased Build-Normal link-Download

APK Multi-Tool  LINUX Version Build b02c068 LinkDownload

APK Multi-Tool  LINUX Version Build b02c068 -Normal linkDownload



Official APK MULTI-Root Releases
(These release are stable recommended Builds)


APK Multi-Root Windows - Download